It is never surprising for anyone to learn that celebrity news stories are the stories that most people are searching the Internet to read. Though celebrity gossip is by far the most popular. However, there are many kinds of celebrity news stories out there aside from celebrity gossip stories, including press about the latest projects that celebrities are involved in, human interest stories in which w learn about the things celebrities are doing in their communities and celebrity interviews in which we see a more personal side of celebrities than ever before. Generally, these stories are available through the regular, mainstream media like TV, newspapers and magazines. Today, more and more people are turning to Internet resources as a way to get the most reliable and up to date celebrity news.


The appetite of today's public for celebrity news and gossip far exceeds that of any other time in recent memory. While it is true that we live in truly media saturated times, the fact is that this media saturation is actually fulfilling the public demand. In the new 24 hour news cycle, people expect to see up to the minute celebrity updates, especially when there is breaking health news or a dramatic situation involving any number of personal factors.


The fact is that traditional news outlets actually can not keep up with the public's demand for celebrity updates. Online information sources have no problem keeping up with the demand for the late breaking celebrity news that so many people are following these days. Today, social media outlets are being followed by millions of people who are breathlessly awaiting the latest celebrity tweets and status updates to come out on an almost hourly basis. However, what many people do not understand is how blogs and social media posts are being carefully crafted by media marketing agencies to improve their client's reputation or simply to increase awareness about a project that will be coming out in the near future.


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